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Clear Vision Auto Glass repairs and services glass on vehicles of all types. Our auto glass repair and replacement are performed with the latest technologies to the customer's complete satisfaction. Our team of professionals have extensive experience in the auto industry, and offer multiple options to fix glass affordably. We fix front door, rear door, front vent, rear vent, windshields, back and quarter windows.

Side windows, glass panels and sunroofs are often damaged by rocks, vandalism and of course baseballs. Like windshields, modern car and truck glass is made from a special laminated auto glass designed to reduce injury during an accident. Unlike windshields, damaged side glass can rarely be repaired and will likely need to be replaced.

The glass used in vehicle windows, sunroofs, vent windows, quarter windows, etc. is designed for safety in the event of an accident. The windows in modern cars and trucks contain a thin layer of polyvinyl butyral (pvb) sandwiched between two pieces of glass. The plastic laminate holds pieces of glass together upon shattering. The advent of safety auto glass has dramatically reduced the number and significance of injuries from car glass.

The side window replacement process begins with removing the interior door panel to gain access to the side window and the systems that operate the window. We then remove the cracked or damaged window along with any debris within the door. Then the window is replaced with a new side window. After installing the new glass we test the power window operation and replace the side panel onto the door.

Clear Vision Auto Glass puts 28 years of experience into providing expert car window repair services at our shop in Lawrenceville NJ. We are located on the borders of Hamilton, Trenton and Ewing, convenient to Pennington, Princeton, Bordentown, and East Windsor NJ.
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