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Car & Truck Windshields

Clear Vision Auto Glass provides expert windshield repair and replacement services for cars and trucks at our shop in Lawrenceville NJ. From the newest models to vintage and antique cars, our 28 years of experience will ensure your windshield is professionally serviced at a fair and affordable rate. Don't put off fixing your windshield. That ding or small crack is likely to grow from a little problem to a big one without proper treatment. More importantly, your front windshield is paramount to safety in your vehicle. Come by our shop to have your windshield looked at by true professionals.

Airbag Systems and Windshields
Windshields are more than a sheet of glass preventing bugs and dirt from hitting the driver. Modern windshields are specially designed safety glass integral to the structural integrity of the car as a whole. Broken, chipped and cracked windshields can hinder other crucial safety systems in your car. Your airbags may catastrophically malfunction in an accident due to a compromised windshield. Most passenger air bags are designed to deploy, hit the windshield and ricochet towards the inside of the car. This is how the passenger is protected during a crash. If your windshield is damaged, the airbag may deploy straight through the windshield, never moving into position to protect the passenger. Check out the picture on the right side of the page for an illustration.

Modern Windshield Glass
Todays front and back windshields are made of two pieces of glass with a laminated layer in between. This laminated auto glass prevents the windshields and windows from shattering into loose pieces during an impact. This safety feature of modern windshields dramatically reduces the likelihood that vehicle occupants will come into contact with and be cut or injured by glass shards in the event of an accident. The laminated windshield glass is glued into place using a strong and somewhat flexible urethane adhesive.

Clear Vision Auto Glass uses high quality windshield repair tools and products. Each new windshield we install is a high quality laminated glass designed to the specifications of your car model and year. We are always affordable and have over 28 years experience performing expert repairs on modern and vintage auto glass.

Clear Vision Auto Glass specializes in car and truck windshield repair and replacement services at our shop in Lawrenceville NJ. We are located on the borders of Hamilton, Trenton and Ewing, convenient to Pennington, Princeton, Bordentown, and East Windsor NJ.

Airbag Safety Depends On the Structural Integrity of Your Windshield!

Airbag deployed through cracked windshield
New windshield about to be installed