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We Expertly Repair Car Windows, Doors and Locks

Clear Vision provides expert repair on power windows and car doors. From a malfunctioning power window system to issues with power locks, we professionally repair all problems originating within or on car doors. Don't get overcharged by the dealer or local auto repair shop. Call the car window and door pro's at Clear Vision Auto Glass.

Older window opening and closing systems were operated by a hand crank and window regulator that moves the window up and down. Todays power window systems operate primarily through a switch, motor, and window regulator. Power windows will not operate properly if any of these components are broken or malfunctioning. The problem with your power window is probably caused by a problem with one of these three principal components that operate the window.

Our power window diagnosis and repair process begins by testing the switch to listen for clues as to which component is malfunctioning. If we cannot hear the motor operating, chances are the problem lies with your switch or motor. If the switch initiates the motor and the window functions but improperly, the problem almost certainly lyes with the window regulator. This is a simplified description that certainly does not contain every problem we see, but it accurately describes the majority of power window problems.

We save you time and money by using a high tech camera system that can look into the inner workings of the door to check for malfunctioning operating systems. The result is a quick diagnosis of the problems effecting your car window! Many shops rack up significant hourly charges in the diagnosis process, finding it necessary to remove and reinstall the interior door panel to determine the problem. Our camera system is less time consuming, less labor intensive, and less expensive.

In addition to the power window system, we repair all types of problems originating within your car door. From mirrors to locks and the power locking system, Clear Vision is ready to fix any issue with your car door. Call or stop by today!

Clear Vision Auto Glass puts 28 years of experience into providing quality, affordable power window and door services at our shop in Lawrenceville NJ. We are located on the borders of Hamilton, Trenton and Ewing, convenient to Pennington, Princeton, Bordentown, and East Windsor NJ.
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