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Windshield Replacement and Installation

In many cases, windshields cannot be repaired and will require the installation of a new windshield. This decision will often depend on the length, location and condition of the crack. Windshield damage that: is longer than 6 inches, obstructs the drivers vision, or reaches the windshields edge will all necessitate windshield replacement over repair. Your car will not pass inspection if any of these conditions are present.

After your windshield damaged is assessed and determined to require a new windshield, we begin the speedy process of removing the damaged glass and installing the new windshield. The old windshield is removed by cutting through the old glue and separating the original windshield from the car. We then clean the remaining glue from your car and apply a new urethane adhesive before attaching the new windshield. This is a quick process that is followed up by a brief curing period for the new adhesive. The industry specifies a SDAT (Safe Drive Away Time) of about 60 to 90 minutes (depending on temperature and humidity) after the new windshield is installed. The SDAT can vary slightly based on temperature and other environmental factors.

The process for replacing back windshields (also called back glass) is identical to that of the front windshield. Our technicians work quickly and our services are always affordable and fair.

Clear Vision Auto Glass puts 28 years of experience into providing expert windshield replacement and installation services at our shop in Lawrenceville NJ. We are located on the borders of Hamilton, Trenton and Ewing, convenient to Pennington, Princeton, Bordentown, and East Windsor NJ.
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